Haunted by the idea that he is somehow broken, the narrator – a depressed, heartbroken, thirty-something writer – embarks on a journey through his own mind with his spirit guide, Jon Bon Jovi, for company.

From the redwoods of California to a crumbling New York City, they travel the highways of our narrator’s memory, an imagined America, where his thoughts are tangled with fragments from the songs and movies that shaped him, and where he can’t help but replay scenes from his doomed relationship.

When his ex-girlfriend turns up demanding that he forget her, he must decide whether he’s ready to let go

Praise for Johnny Ruin

A deep and powerful novel.
— The Guardian
Marvellously strange and sad, shot through with a dark gleaming wit.
— Jenny Offill
Strange, intense... brilliant.
— SJ Watson
Dark and raw, poetic and evocative, Johnny Ruin is an all-consuming novel.
— The Tattooed Book
Witty, gut wrenching, and immersive.
— Book Riot
A great big howl from the abyss of a broken heart. Incredible.
— Richard Skinner
A touching, salutary tale of broken love.
— The Big Issue
Beautifully written, with a lyrical style that is raw and punchy, yet filled with pathos.
— Ten Penny Dreams

Banner photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash