7 Ways You're Better Than Other Writers

The assholes are always trying to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Fuck them. Here are a list of things you already do better than anyone;

1) You write like no-on else

Your voice is unique. Every word, every sentence, every phrase; used and connected in a way that is singular to you and you alone.

I’ve written about it before but here it is again; you are the best in the world at writing like you.

2) Your passion for your story is unmatched

Your story is the best story in the world. You live with it, sleep with it, eat with it and fuck with it. You breathe it, nurture it, raise it from a fledgling idea to a fully formed concept.

Your passion and love for the stories you create can not be rivaled by readers or weathered by critics.

3) You have the best experience for the job

Everything you’ve done in life makes you the most qualified person on the planet to write your story. No other writer knows exactly what you know because none of them have lived your life.

Your insight is impossible to replicate, your perspective entirely your own. You are the only you there is, and only you can tell your story.

4) You are an expert in your field

You’ve read books that no-one else has heard of, stayed home while everyone else went out so you could immerse yourself in your passions.

Whether it is zombies, romance, or zombie romance, your genre is your life’s study, and your novel is your thesis.

5) You can motivate yourself like no-one else

No amount of reading about how other writers motivate themselves will make a difference, because no other writer can motivate you the way you motivate yourself.

It is only when you decide to write that you actually start - and when you start there is no stopping - you’ll do everything you can to sit down and write. Only you know how to do that. You’re very good at it.

6) You are your best worst critic

No other writer could ever criticise your work the way you do. They could tear your words apart, rip them from the page and slap you across the face with them, but it would only be light relief compared to the pain and suffering you put yourself through.

If nothing else, you may take solace in the fact that no-one will ever be able to make you feel as utterly in despair and full of hatred for your own work than you will.

7) You are the best salesman you know

There is no writer alive, no matter how much of a champion of your work, who could sell it the way you do, because none of them have taken your journey.

Be the champion of your words. Get out there and tell everyone. Tell the world. And don’t stop until the world listens. Writing is only half the journey, getting people to read it is the other half, and no one else can sell your story quite like you can.

You write and sell your stories better than any other writer. Start now.

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