A disturbing thing happened at about 11:30 tonight.

I’m walking to my building from the car and a cab screeches to the curb in front of me. 

A girl jumps out of the passenger seat, and shouts ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ at the driver. She slams the door and he speeds off.

The cab is gone. I’m alongside the girl now. She’s shaken. I ask her if she’s okay. She jumps away, startled. I’m sorry, she says. I’m sorry.

She bursts into tears and turns away. I apologise. I keep walking. I’m 6'4, broad and tattooed, I realise I must cut an intimidating figure on a quiet street late at night, especially if the driver has assaulted her in some way. I kick myself for not getting his plates.

I stop at the crossing up the street, opposite Edgecliff station. I press the button and wait. She’s waiting too, but keeping her distance

As we cross I can see her peripherally. I’m going to the store above the station. She’s behind me as we walk inside, but I lose sight of her as I go up the escalator. I want to turn back and see if she’s okay, but I don’t. The station is light and populated. She’s safe here. 

I look for her as I leave the store, wondering what happened in that cab, but she’s gone, hopefully safely on her way home via train or bus.

I called the local police station when I got home and made a report, though my lack of info on the taxi made it seem futile.

I hope she reports it. And I hope she’s okay. I’m not easily shaken, but this got me. 

I’m also not easily intimidated so can only imagine how she felt/what he did to shake her so badly. Wish I’d got his plates. Hope she’s okay.