Cut The Bullshit: Make Time To Write

Everyone wants to write, but no one has the time, or so they say. I say bullshit.

John Grisham used to work 15 or 16 hour days when he was a lawyer, but he resolved to write one page a day of his first novel when he got home from work.

That novel became A Time To Kill, and although not a huge success on its first print run, it afforded him the time to work on his second; The Firm, the book that brought him to the public’s attention, and into mainstream success.

We each have 24 hours in a day. Make a deal with yourself to sit down and write everyday; a sentence, a paragraph, a page - it doesn’t matter.

Write 100 words every day this week. Write 200 everyday next week.

Time yourself. Write today’s 100 words faster than yesterday’s 100 words. Write faster again tomorrow.

On the weekend, clear your schedule and see how many words you can write in a day. I bet you can manage a couple of thousand at least.

Celebrate each milestone. Tweet your word count. Shout about your acheivement, encourage other writers to reach their goals, and be encouraged in return.

If you’re determined and you want it enough, you’ll make it happen.