Fuck the rules: write the ending first

I see a lot of writers blog and tweet about rules. Rules for this. Rules for that. Rules for being an asshole.

Fuck the rules.

Rules for writing are like rules for what to do after you die; nobody knows what to do after you die. Nobody knows how you should write your novel.

What works for one writer doesn’t work for others, so fuck what the books and the blogs and the seminars and the gurus and the teachers and the assholes tell you to do; find your process.

A lot of people have an amazing idea for a novel, then write one page and stop. Why? Because they don’t know page two, but don’t think they can write page three first.

It’s your novel, your process.

Here’s an idea; write the ending first.

“Hang on a minute,” you say. “Am I allowed to do that?”

“Darn skippy you’re allowed to do that,” I reply, laughing like I just killed someone.

It’s your novel, your process.

Most people aren’t the types to sit down and plan out a novel/script meticulously beforehand. If you do that; awesome! It probably works really well for you, but it isn’t the only way of working.

At some point you’ll need a structure, sure, but sometimes the story needs to dictate itself. You don’t need to get stuck writing page one, then page two, then chapter two.

If you know your first page and your ending, then write the first page and the ending. Then connect the dots.

If you have an idea for an awesome scene but you don’t know how to get there, write the scene and work backwards.

Write what you’ve got first, worry about the rest later.

This isn’t a rule. It’s an idea, an example. Fuck the rules. It’s your novel, your process.

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