Go Book Yourself: Kurt Vonnegut Edition

It’s ten years this week since we lost Kurt Vonnegut. If you’ve been meaning to get around to reading him, here’s where to start…

Slaughterhouse-Five for an American classic about a man haunted by the bombing of Dresden in WWII, who becomes unstuck in time.

Breakfast of Champions for Vonnegut’s exploration of the American condition, as a Pontiac salesman comes to believe he’s the last human with free will.

Cat’s Cradle for a satirical take on the post-WWII arms race, about the inventor of a dangerous fictional substance known as ice-nine.

Timequake for a novel Vonnegut deemed a “stew” of fiction, autobiography, and other devices that serve to explore ideas of time, depression, and free will.

Sirens of Titan for a bonafide sci-fi story concerning the wonderfully monikered Malachi Constant and the Martian invasion of Earth.

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