IA Writer as a religious experience

My religion is language. It is a good religion. It’s free to join and everyone is admitted, regardless of race, gender or sexual preference.

There is no single God, but a series of higher beings, saints if you will, who have ascended to their status by being influential teachers, writing the scriptures from which the rest of us learn.

Their number is neither finite nor limited by collective admission. Each follower of language choose his or her own saints. As such each disciple chooses their path through language. There are no set rules. No wrong answers. No failure.

I practice my religion everyday. I do not agree with some of the more fundamentalist teachings, but on the whole, I am a devotee. In the grand tradition of Anglo-American cults I have consumed the sugary, red liquid, and I sing in the choir.

In my religion, words are prayers; each one a valid offering no matter how flawed or imprecise. Reading is my meditation, the consumption of language encouraged in order to better formulate my own scripture.

My religion is living and breathing, constantly growing; an organism, an entity. It is malleable, shaped by those use it. Shaped by me. By us.

Over the years I’ve practised writing in many different ways; with a pen, with a typewriter, a word processor. I’ve tried a dozen different software programs on desktops, laptops and tablets.

Many times I’ve been writing and have found myself in what some might call ‘the zone’, that state of euphoria where your words flow through your fingers as precisely as they fire between the synapses of your brain; that level of cognition akin to enlightenment.

But never have I experienced this state more frequently or reliably than since I began using IA Writer.

Let us be clear; software doesn’t create. Software, just like the hardware that runs it, simply facilitates. And IA Writer facilitates my writing so much more beautifully than any other means I have learned, bought or devised.

IA Writer is gloriously devoid of features. You can’t ask it to help with your plot or your character names. You can’t choose to write in a particular font. You don’t get to control margin depth, colour, or line-height.

What you get to do is write. And how.

The program is the cleanest, purest writing software I’ve ever used. IA Writer allows me to experience language on a higher level. It strips away the noise and confusion, the distractions, the interface blocking out everything but the exact sentence I’m writing.

This simplicity offers a level of focus that brings with it the euphoria of uninterrupted dialogue between my fingers and my brain. The rare enlightenment I can only describe as writer’s release - the opposite of writer’s block - an open tap of creative thought. 

Language is my religion, writing is my scripture, words are my prayers. IA Writer is the church where I choose to practice language.

This is not gospel. It couldn’t be. It’s against the nature of my religion to prescribe a set of rules, to limit the ways in which you choose to engage with language. This is a sermon, a suggestion, a testimony. 

Language is my religion and writing with IA Writer is a religious experience.

Have any of you seen the light? Leave me a comment.

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